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With an unprecedented level of expertise in a multitude of sectors, and an international reputation for delivering only the most innovative and efficient products, the CDS group represents a versatile, multi-faceted network of organisations at the cutting edge of several industries.

Our History

Founded in 1983 by our current Chairman Terry Dunne, CDS originally specialised in devising complete ceramic drying solutions for a range of organisations and remits. It has always been our ethos to work on projects from their initial planning stages through to final completion; this has allowed us space to innovate, delivering products that supersede industry trends by their very design.

It’s this commitment to continual redevelopment that has lead to us being recognised as a worldwide authority in the field of thermal processing technology.

Our Partners


As our international acclaim has grown, so to have our number of partnerships and corporate affiliations, allowing us to expand into the global organisation we are today. Over our 30 years of trading, the CDS group has grown organically by acquiring businesses that share in our core ideals of quality, sustainability and modernity. As an organisation committed to change and development, our acquisitions reflect a broadening of our skill set, portfolio and expertise.

We currently own a number of organisations across the fields of concrete curing, sustainable energy development and ceramic processing; thus we are able to deliver a wide range of products, from BioCoal plants to industrial kilns, all backed by our internationally regarded hallmark of quality.



Our Vision

The vision at the heart of the CDS group has changed little over the three decades since our inception; to innovate, sustain and inspire. Our products and services continue to break new ground in our industries because they cater dynamically to the needs of businesses around the world; it is our aim as a company to continue to engineer solutions that don’t just follow industry trends but define them. Our clients and products benefit from our company’s emphasis on revision and improvement, which ensures that we only produce the most energy efficient, cost effective technologies on the market.

Ours is a simple business model that focuses on growth through client satisfaction and strong working relationships; each individual client or customer we work with benefits from an infallible level of customer service, and commitment to quality, that have become synonymous with our brand. Building on our firm foundation of international clients, we aspire to develop our community further, working with organisations of all levels to achieve mutually prosperous solutions.



CDS Airtek provide their products and services to a range of industry sectors, requiring their particular standards and technical requirements to be achieved by approved suppliers.

CDS Airtek strive always to meet our Clients’ formal standards & specifications.

The Key Standards & Compliances include:-



  • ISO 9001 – operating and project management procedures.
  • CE Marking – product assurance.
  • Health & Safety – end-to-end, at CDS Airtek and Clients premises.



  • AMS2750E
  • CQI-9 (AIAG – Heat Treatment Systems Assessment)
  • EN1539 (Dryers and ovens, in which flammable substances are released)
  • Health & Safety – end-to-end, at CDS Airtek and Clients premises.



  • DW 144 – Ductwork Specification.
  • Building Regulations 2000 F1 – Means of Ventilation.



  • COSHH Approved Codes of Practice – ISBN 07176 1670 3.
  • WEL 2007 – Workplace Exposure Levels.
  • HSG 258 – Controlling Airborne Contaminants at work.
  • ACGIH – Industrial Ventilation – manual of recommended practices.
  • HSG 54 – Maintenance, Examination and Testing of LEV systems.
  • NFPA 68 – Venting of Deflagrations.



  • HSG 33 – Working at Height
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • HSG258 – Dust & fumes
  • MSER – Mfg storage of Explosives Regs
  • REACH – Chemicals Control
  • Gas Safe Certification



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