Airtek and Olmar are both market leaders in composite solutions for industry. With many years experience supplying leading clients in demanding market sectors, CDS Airtek and Olmar are able to supply bespoke, customer driven solutions for a wide variety of composite applications. Our partnership enables us to provide highly advanced composite autoclaves at competitive prices.


Market Sectors

Composite materials are now in widespread use, from small bespoke products, up to large scale commercial products in the automotive and aerospace industries. The production and use of composite materials requires high levels of technical expertise and highly efficient technologies which have precise control over pressure and temperatures. Our composite autoclave systems provide the advanced controls, temperature monitoring, vacuum control, interactive screens, and multilevel security options required to ensure accurate and safe conditions for working with composites.


CDS Airtek and Olmar have recently been contracted to supply a large Composite Autoclave for a market leader in the Aerospace industry. This order recognised our expertise of supplying innovative solutions for composites and we were chosen ahead of established competitors by being recognised as pioneering, cost effective solution providers.

CDS Airtek and Olmar have success in supplying market leading composites manufacturers with the technical solutions required for their processes. We take pride in our successful track record, highlighted by the repeat business from our industry leading customers. From design, to manufacturing, to installation, excellence is integral to all of our work.


OLMAR is a leading supplier of advanced autoclaves and all kinds of pressure vessels. Founded in 1945, they have established a reputation for delivering some of the most advanced autoclaves in the world.

Their autoclaves and pressurised systems are designed for all bonding and composite applications, from small scale R&D projects to large scale production runs. These can be designed to meet any temperature or pressure specifications.


With spacious capacity for manufacturing and modern facilities utilising the latest design technologies; CDS Airtek and Olmar are perfectly situated to meet our clients requirements for composite autoclaves.

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